Instants 5


Construim ca sa ne dezvoltam. Distrugem ca sa invatam din greseli.
We build to grow. We distroy to learn from mistakes.


Daca te indoiesti de fotografie si de scopul ei, inseamna ca esti orb. Eu vreau sa-ti arat frumosul si sa te fac sa vezi din nou. O floarea soarelui in centrul unui oras poluat. Frumosul in ochii orbilor.
If you doubt photography and its purpose, it means you’re blind. I want to show you beauty and make you see again. A sunflower in the centre of a polluted city. The beauty in the eyes of the blind.


Ne pregatim de noi si noi provocari. Nu stam pe loc.
We are getting ready for new challenges. We don’t sit still.


Daca as avea un nor in fata blițului din cand in cand, as fii fericita.
If I had a cloud in front of my flash from time to time, I’d be happy.


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