216/366 Distrug podete astazi. Nu stiu daca am facut bine sau nu. Dar daca am facut rau, vom gasi o cale.

Destroying bridges today. I don’t know if I did wrong or right. But if it’s wrong, we’ll find a way.

217/366 In momente ca astea, mi-as fi dorit ca prieteniile sa reziste, sa reziste, sa reziste…

In times like these, I wished friendships would last, last, last…

218/366 Materia prima de astazi. Ne-am impacat binisor zic eu.

Today’s raw material. I think we got along just fine.

219/366 Doar a doua zi iti dai seama ce ai facut. Cat ai muncit. Cat te-ai distrat. Cat efort s-a depus. Si asta doar pentru arta.

Only the next day you realise what you just did. How much you worked. What fun you had. How much effort you put in. And everything just for the sake of art.

220/366 Tiramisu ice-cream.

221/366 Nu-mi gasesc cuvintele.

I can’t find my words.

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