Flour power

Cand omul n-are de lucru, isi face. Sau mai bine zis… omul cand n-are studio, isi face.

De la premiza asta am plecat atunci cand, acum mai bine de doua luni, puneam pe Facebook un filmulet cu fotografie cu faina. Stiam ca nu am unde sa fac asta, dar mi-am propus sa fie urmatorul proiect. Cum am aflat ca avem unde sa il facem, am fost la cumparat de material de fundal. Cei de la depozitul de materiale au zambit cu subinteles de cum le-am spus cuvintele “proiect fotografic”. De-ar sti ei ce s-a ales de material… In fine, nu o sa fac acum o estimare a costurilor, spun doar ca a meritat. A meritat fiecare ora petrecuta in interior, unde parca eram in alta lume. Nu mai exista nimic in afara de holul in care ne aflam. Holul si poate cele doua pizza comandate tarziu in noapte. Si poate faina. Si poate buna dispozitie. In rest… a fost fain. Un “dream come true”. Mai multe fotografii aici.

When you don’t have anything to do, you find something. Or better said… when you don’t have a studio, you make one.

I started off with this in mind, two months ago, when I posted a video on Facebook with flour photography. I knew I had no available space to do it, but I said it had to be my next project. As soon as I found out that we have a location, I went to buy the material for the background. The people from the warehouse smiled knowingly at me mentioning the words “photo project”. If they only knew how the material ended up… I won’t insist on the costs, I’m just saying it was worth it. It was worth every hour spent indoors, in another world. There was nothing except the hallway we were sitting in. The hallway and maybe the two pizzas we ordered late in the night. And maybe some flour, here and there. And the fun. All in all… it was ok. A “dream come true”. More photos here.



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