222/366 Incercam lucruri noi. Lucruri care erau in plan. De data asta, e vorba de niste paste cu creveti in sos de unt si vin.

Trying new things. Things that were planned. This time, it’s pasta with shrimps in butter and wine sauce.

223/366 Interesant cum personalitatile noastre se reflecta in lucrurile din jurul nostru. Mama si fiica, in fotografia de mai sus. Nu stiu exact unde este focusul, am lasat aparatul pe auto in ultima vreme…

It’s interesting to see our personalities reflected in the things around us. Mother and daughter, in the above picture. I don’t know exactly where the focus is, I left the camera on auto lately…

224/366 Plimbari prin ploaie astazi. Dupa aceea soare… nori. Si apusul nelipsit.

Walking in the rain today. Afterwards, sun… clouds. And I couldn’t skip the sunset.

225/366 Ganduri si iar ganduri. Un autoportret pe ganduri.

Thoughts and more thoughts. A thinking self-portrait.

226/366 Nu ma mai satur de ei. Cred ca ma aseman cu un nor. Pot fi si alb, pot fi si gri… dar nu o sa stii niciodata cum m-am schimbat…

I can’t get enough of them. I think I am very much alike… I can be white, I can be grey, but you’ll never know what changed me or how it happened…

227/366 Faceti cunostinta cu Geo. Ne-am cunoscut astazi. Verisoara unor prietene din Spania. Nu stiu cum a facut Dumnezeu, dar mi-a trimis-o pe Geo. Si cred ca stiu de ce. Sa-mi arate ca se poate. Ca exista tot felul de prietenii…

Meet Georgiana (Geo). We met today. She’s the cousin of some friends of mine from Spain. I don’t know how God worked this out, but He sent me Geo. And I think I know why. To show me it’s possible. That all kinds of friendships exist…



4 thoughts on “222/366-227/366

    1. Nu :( nu am timp zilele astea de nimic… Am atatea lucruri pe care vreau sa le fac si trebuie sa mai astept…

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