Pieces of Ireland

Nu o sa incarc prea multe fotografii aici, pentru ca am observat ca WordPress umbla mult la calitate si ma indoiesc ca fotografiile arata chiar asa de nefocusate cum imi apar mie pe blog. :| Probabil, multe isi vor face loc pe reteaua de socializare… chiar daca postez una cate una. As vrea sa scriu cate ceva la fiecare dintre ele, macar cateva cuvinte. Am o selectie de 10 fotografii, pe care le las mai jos. Nu sunt neaparat cele mai frumoase. Doar sa va faceti o idee.

I won’t be uploading many photos here, because I’ve noticed WordPress shrinks the quality a lot and I really doubt that my photos look so out of focus like they do on my blog. Probably, most of them will appear on the social network….even if it’s only one per day. I would like to write something for each of them, at least a few words. I have made a selection of 10 photos below. They aren’t necessarily the best. Just to give you an idea.


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