Good company and staying busy are often the best cure for a sickness of the soul.

Nu o sa insist asupra cartii, avand in vedere ca este al patrulea volum dintr-o serie cu dragoni. Las cateva citate care mi-au placut, si care nu sunt neaparat fictiune.
I won’t insist on the book, given the fact that it’s the fourth installment of the dragon series. I will leave here some quotes that I liked and are not necessarily fiction.

You must never turn your back on your enemies.

But you did everything you could, and when you could do no more, you made peace with your fate, and you didn’t rail needlessly against it. That is wisdom, not weakness.

Mooneater? What a strange name. How did you come by it?
I ate the moon, of course. How else?

The warrior who can adapt the easiest to the unexpected is the warrior who will live the longest.

What is time but motion? And what is motion but heat? And what are not heat and energy but different names for the same thing?

It’s impossible to go through life unscathered. Nor should you want to. By the hurts we accumulate, we measure both our follies and our accomplishments.

Question my judgement, if you must, but do not question my motives.

Change itself is neither good or bad, but knowledge is always useful.

When you teach them [the dragons] – teach them not to fear. Fear is good in small amounts, but when it is a constant, pounding companion, it cuts away at who you are and makes it hard to do what you know it’s right.

If only everyone could see what we have seen, perhaps there will be less fighting in the world.
You cannot expect wolves to become sheep.
No, but neither do the wolves have to be cruel to the sheep.


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