258/366 Sunt tentatii la fiecare pas. Fie ca e vorba de dulciuri sau altele…

There are temptations at every step. Sweets and other things…

259/366 Magia din lucruri nu se discuta. Nici fericirea din anumite momente nu se discuta. Se traieste. Fara gandul ca dupa aceea, nu va mai fi nimic din ce a fost…

The magic in things is not debatable. Neither is the happiness you feel sometimes. You live it. Without thinking that afterwards there will be nothing left of what once was…

260/366 Devastare. In orice forma, parca te face sa gandesti trist.

Decay. In any form, it kind of makes you think sad things.

261/366 Vara asta, pepenii au avut ceva cu mine. Eu n-am avut nimic cu ei. Doar poate regretul ca unul nu a fost pe placul meu.

This summer, watermelons held a grudge against me. I didn’t. Maybe the occasional regret of them not being good enough for my taste.

262/366 As vrea sa vina toamna mai repede. Sa port esarfe si sa fac fotografii pline de culoare.

I wish autumn was here sooner. So that I can wear scarves and take photographs full of color. 

263/366 Proiectul meu #carsofbucharest de pe Instagram nu s-a terminat. Nu prea am avut “modele”, sincera sa fiu. Oare masinile deosebite nu mai exista in orasul asta? Sau se ascund de mine? Cea de mai sus are trei roti. Am trecut de multe ori pe langa ea. Presupun ca merge, desi nu am vazut-o niciodata plecand de acolo.

My Instagram project, #carsofbucharest, is not over. It’s just that I haven’t got my “models”, to be honest. Are the special cars gone from this city? Or are they just hiding from me? The above has three wheels. I passed by it a number of times. I suppose it works, even though I haven’t seen it actually leaving that place.



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