270/366 Curly.

271/366 Camera. 

272/366 Ce-mi place la ochiul uman: ti se poate citi bucuria pe fata uitandu-te la ochi. Si mai interesant: ochii pot sa planga si sa fie fericiti in acelasi timp.

What I like about the human eye: you can read one’s happiness by looking into one’s eyes. Even more interesting: the eyes can cry and be happy at the same time.

273/366 Imprastiati iubire. Chiar si in alb si negru.

Spread the love. Even in black and white.

274/366 Chiar vroia buchetul acela…

She really wanted that bouquet…

275/366 Am observat rama cea noua din sufrageria bunicilor. Mai ales ca infatiseaza un moment in care ma sinteam bine. Aveam doua camere foto cu mine in ziua aia. Poza este pe film, cu Kievul bunicului meu. Dupa 20 de ani, il puneam la incercare din nou.

I noticed the new photo frame in my grandparent’s living room. Especially because it shows a moment when I was feeling good. I had two photo cameras with me that day. The photo is on film, taken with my grandpa’s Kiev. After 20 years, I was putting it to use again.



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