Catalina si Dragos

E la moda sa scrii cum i-ai cunoscut pe miri. Pe Cata am intrebat-o inainte de un curs daca poate sa-mi dea si mie wallpaperul pe care il avea pe laptop. Si mi-a placut ca avea Mac. Pe Dragos l-am cunoscut cu o luna inainte de nunta, la Hanul cu Tei.

E la moda sa scrii si cum a fost la nunta. Cei mai tineri participanti au cativa anisori si sunt gemeni. Cel mai in varsta participant are 95 de ani si se tine foarte bine. E si pasionat de fotografie, se pare. I-as fi dat Kievul bunicului meu, doar sa vad ce reactie are. 

N-a cazut nimeni in piscina. Mai multe fotografii aici.

The trend is to write how you met with the bride and groom. It so happens that one day, I asked Cata before class to share her wallpaper with me. And I liked the fact that she had a Mac. I met Dragos one month before the wedding, at Hanul cu Tei.

The trend is to write how the wedding was. The youngest participants are a couple of years old and they are twins. The oldest guest is 95 years old and he holds on pretty well. He’s interested in photography as well, it seems. I would have given him my grandpa’s Kiev, just to see the look on his face.

Nobody fell into the pool. More photos here.


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