294/366 Cred ca asta a fost ultima nunta de organizat pe anul acesta, sau cel putin, ultima la care particip eu.

I think this was the last wedding to organize this year, or at least, the last I’m taking part in.

295/366 Joaca, joaca, dar unii castiga bani din chestia asta.

It might be playing, but some people earn money out of it.

296/366 De acum incolo, o sa fiu o carte deschisa pentru cine merita.

From now on, I’ll be an open book for people who deserve it (or better put, who earn it).

297/366 M-am incapatanat sa pun pe aparat obiectivul de 35mm pentru o vreme. Mi-era dor de el. Asta dupa ce am cautat sa imprumut un 50mm sau un 85mm. 

I stubbornly mounted the 35mm on my camera for a while. I missed it. And that’s after I searched to borrow a 50mm or a 85mm lens.

298/366 Acesta este evident un crop destul de mare. Nu vreti sa stiti cat de mare.

This is obviously a huge crop. You don’t want to know how big.

299/366 De fiecare data cand vii, imi incalzesti inima. Dar de data asta parca nu mi-ai mai incalzit-o la fel de mult. Eu m-am schimbat. Tu nu. Si cumva, stiu ca o sa fie bine. Pentru ca nu imi apartii. Nu apartii nimanui.

Yes, you are here to warm my heart. But it doesn’t warm like it used to. I have changed. You didn’t. And somehow, I know it’s going to be fine. Because you are not mine. You are nobody’s.


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