I wish I were…

The guys at the Daily Post at WordPress have these cool ideas in order to encourage you to write on a certain topic. This is my first attempt at doing it and I have no idea what I’m going to write about. I didn’t have any draft whatsoever, so I’m just going to write as it comes to me.

I wish I were…. so many things. I guess there are options as many as there are people on this Earth. And that gives us a whole lot that we could talk about, right? And what I believe is that, at least once, each and everyone of us wanted to be somebody else.

I wish I were somebody else for a day. And not for the obvious reasons, like fame, money and all that, but because I want to learn to appreciate more what I have. The only way is to take that from me. So make me someone else for a day, someone totally different, and I’ll be more humble and stop complaining all the time. Make me a better person.

I wish I were on a plane right now. The destination is not important. Just the idea of travel, of leaving a place where you feel comfortable, where you’ve been for a long time, suits me always. Keeps me busy from thinking about other things I don’t want to think about. Plus, it’s a photographic journey. A reason to shoot the people, landscapes, buildings, streets, stuff I don’t normally approach here in my hometown. So, again, gets me out of my photo-comfort-zone.

I wish I were a better person. If my first wish doesn’t come true (how can it?), I might as well try to do it anyway. Be kind, not get angry, help more, listen even more (if that’s even possible), don’t think bad thoughts, erase all the negative feelings. Be at peace more. Cause I have noticed one little thing can turn into a huge storm inside my head, especially when it comes out of no where and I’m not ready for it. When I don’t have my way, stay out of my path or I might just lay it all out on you. My temper needs fixing. And my mind needs educating. 

English grammar lesson of the week: It’s “I wish I were…”, not “I wish I was…”. Didn’t tell us that in school, did they?

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