Day 1 – Project “52 People”

Like I said, this year I’m starting another personal project, called “52 people”. I’m going to post a photo and some text, that will be the results of my encounters with them. They are not random people. Family, friends, acquaintances, maybe new people I’m going to meet this year… Their order is indeed random, because I hate prioritizing. You’ll understand the concept better once the pictures and text will appear here. It is going to be a very difficult project for me personally because I am not good at socializing with too many folks. I open up to very few and it doesn’t feel right to make them talk to me if they don’t want to. So I’m pushing my limits here, bear with me!

For the two followers who have mentioned me in their awards, I thank you very much! I’m not going to pass the awards forward, it just isn’t my style.

(scroll down for English version)

“Auzi… cand o sa citesc si eu opera ta…?”

“Care? Lucrarea de…”

“Nu… Romanul tau.”

La el in birou am inceput primul meu roman. E si normal sa ma intrebe de el dupa atatia ani. Bineinteles ca nu l-am terminat nici acum. A venit in vizita ieri si dupa replicile de mai sus m-am gandit sa il intreb cateva lucruri pe care sa le scriu in proiect. I-am spus ca o sa-l inregistrez. A crezut ca e pentru un prieten care il mai interdievase in trecut. M-a facut sa zambesc gandindu-ma la vizita aceea. Cate lucruri s-au schimbat de atunci…

Pentru mine, bunicul e “milestone” pentru multe lucruri. A inceput sa fumeze prin liceu. S-a lasat dupa 45 de ani! Cand l-am intrebat cum a reusit mi-a raspuns “Pai, n-am tras fumul in piept.” :)) “Nu, nu cum ai inceput sa fumezi, cum ai reusit sa te lasi?” A dat-o pe caramele. Bunica zice ca nu a zis la nimeni ca se lasa. A inceput sa-i cumpere multe caramele si asa si-a dat seama.

L-am intrebat cum a fost cu aparatul pe film adus din Rusia. Nu stia cu ce sa se intoarca de acolo, asa ca a cumparat un aparat foto scump si bun, un aspirator si un inel pentru bunica. A vandut un teleobiectiv pentru ca nu mai aveau bani.

Cand era mic, visa sa aiba o vioara. Nu sa se faca muzician, doar sa aiba o vioara. El nu vroia sa aiba o profesie anume, doar sa dea la Politehnica. Parintii il vedeau preot. A ajuns profesor. Au vrut sa-i dea diploma de profesor emerit, dar bunicul nu vrea.

“Ratiune sau simtire?”

“Ratiunea. Sunt un om care nu ia decizii numai pe baza de sentiment. As zice amandoua, dar cu o inclinatie spre ratiune.”



For me, grandpa is a milestone for many things. He started smoking in highschool and gave up after 45 years!!!

I asked him the story of the Kiev film camera he brought from Rusia. He didn’t know what to buy, so he bought a camera, a vacuum cleaner and a ring for my grandma. He sold one of the camera lenses because they ran out of money.

When he was a boy, he dreamed of having a violin. Not becoming a musician, but only having a violin. He didn’t think of a certain profession back then, only that he wanted to go to the Polytechnics. His parents saw him becoming a priest. He became a professor instead.

“Sense or sensibility?”

“Sense. I am a man who doesn’t base his decisions solely on feelings. I’d say both, but I’m inclined more towards sense.”


5 thoughts on “Day 1 – Project “52 People”

  1. Cool idea Ioana!!
    Love the concept and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.
    The portrait of your grand father is amazing, he looks like a very interesting person and a wise man to learn different things from.

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