Day 2 – Project “52 people”

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“Am emotii.”

Nu s-a vazut in interviu, ci mai degraba in dificultatea realizarii unei fotografii suficient de sugestive pentru Anca.

Ne stim de 16 ani. Prietenie adolescenta.

Prima amintire cu noi o are in troleibuzele de pe linia lui 70 sau 79. Astea noi aveau buton de deschidere a usilor si faceam cu randul la apasat. O statie eu, o statie ea. Era “fascinata”. Acum niciuna nu mai merge cu troleibuzul. Interesant ar fi sa facem cu randul si la apasatul de buton in metrou.

Am trecut de la povesti cu doctorita (stomatolog), actrita (clasa a 10-a, a 11-a, “toata ziua dansam si cantam”)… La eternul “nu stiu”. Pana acum un an era stewardeza sau se vedea pe un vas de croaziera. “Acum nu se mai poate, m-am cuibarit cu Cosmin.”

Dintre Michael si Rod Stewart l-ar alege, culmea, pe cel din urma. “E mai profund. Pe Michael l-am admirat foarte mult pentru ca era un artist complet.”

La intrebarea “Dansul sau caii?” s-a mers pe principiul “primul raspuns ar fi dansul, dar daca ar fi sa aleg o ora profi de dans sau o ora profi de calarie, as merge la calarie.”

In cele din urma, fotografia a iesit asa cum a trebuit sa iasa. Sa infatiseze o persoana asa cum e ea in acel moment. Si Anca e fericita.

“Ratiune sau simtire?”

“Aici e o mare problema. Probabil ca daca iti zic <<amandoua>> o sa-mi zici <<nu, trebuie sa alegi una dintre ele.>>”

“Nu, eu nu zic nimic.”

“Amandoua. (<<Justifici sau o lasi asa?>>) Pentru ca sunt lucruri super importante, decizii, la care trebuie sa te gandesti foarte bine, cu cap, ca altfel s-ar putea sa-ti faci un mare rau. Depinde. Sunt si momente din alea <<Take it or leave it.>>

Poate si cu oamenii, cand nu ai incredere. S-ar putea cateodata, cand nu mai esti tu super rigid in gandire si sa faci zece mii de scheme, si daca schema aia ti-ar spune nu si inima ta ti-ar spune foarte da, poate… daca nu e vorba de vreun risc prea mare, ai zice hai ma sa vezi, sa-i acorzi un pic de incredere persoanei respective.

Deci eu cred ca trebuie un echilibru. Daca ar fi musai si musai sa aleg, mai degraba m-as duce pe ratiune.”


“I’m nervous”, she said. That didn’t show much in the interview, but rather in taking the photo that would best suit Anca.

We’ve known each other for 16 years. A teenage-friendship.

Her first memory of us is the one where we would push the “open the doors button” in the bus. We would take turns. One stop me, one stop her. She was “fascinated”. Neither rides the bus anymore. It would be interesting if we still played our little game while on the subway.

We went through stories about becoming a doctor, an actress… to the eternal answer “I don’t know”. A year ago, she saw herself becoming a stewardess or cruising on a ship. “I can’t do that anymore, I have Cosmin now.”

If she were to choose between Michael and Rod Stewart, she would, amazingly, go for the second. “He’s deeper. I admired Michael because he was a complete artist.”

When I asked her “Dancing or horses?”, the answer would be summed up as “First choice dancing, but if one were to choose between a professional dancing lesson and a professional riding class, I would definitely go to ride a horse. I dance all the time.”

In the end, the photo turned out the way it should. Showing the person as she is at that very moment. And Anca is happy.

“Sense or sensibility?”

“This is a big problem. If I say <<both>>, you’d say <<no, you have to choose one>>?”

“No, I’m not saying anything.”

“Both. (<<You want to justify or leave it at that?>>) Because there are very important things, decisions, which you need to think over very wisely, using your head, unless you want to be hurt. It depends. There are some <<take it or leave it>> moments as well.

Maybe it’s the same with people, when you don’t trust them. It might be sometimes, when you give up your stern thinking and doing 10.000 schemes in your head, and if one scheme tells you no and your heart says a definite yes, maybe… If it’s not a huge risk you’re taking, then you could say let’s do it, let’s give this person a chance.

So a balance is needed. If I were to have to choose, I’d go for using sense.”





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