2nd shoot – thoughts

The second time around was a little better. Got way more usable photos than the first shoot, and that’s probably because I wasn’t the one modelling AND shooting at the same time.

The setup was pretty much the same, with the sole difference of an umbrella instead of a handmade softbox. This umbrella is 103 cm in diameter and I have been told it is usable also for full length shots. I was satisfied with what I got and anyway, you could decently tweak any exposure compensation in Photoshop afterwards, without it looking too weird. This time I had to work my way more in Photoshop, though, due to removal of unwanted physical aspects. I would expect any girl to have those, and I think the guys who made the software thought so too. All those tutorials and books read on Photoshop skin editing really helped a lot (my cousin would probably smile at the sight of me copying his Scott Kelby book tips two years ago).

Also a first for me this year: shooting in RAW. Don’t really know what got into me, but I kind of expected the Photoshop editing and thus decided to have full control on the images and pixels and whatnot. But don’t imagine I had an easy time with the files. I shot tethered to Irina’s mom’s computer (is that even valid English???) and had to install a trial of Lightroom, obviously. After that, it was a matter of transferring the files to my external hard drive. Never go for Seagate, people! As far as uploading to it, it runs smoothly. When it comes to downloading from it, it’s a pain!!!! I could not download any of the .nef files from it and I had to ask Irina (a would-be client, if you may) to send the selection that we made through e-mail. You don’t do that with a client. In fact, he/she doesn’t expect to hear from you again, unless it is to receive the final images, editing included! Despite her being a friend in real life, I don’t want to do this again so it was a lesson well learned to never put RAW files on my drive. I lost precious time and energy with this whole process and I don’t want it to happen again.

Below, some photos. More here and here. And also quite rare for me, I have some unreleased photos as well, which I edited but didn’t quite make it to the finals, let’s say.

Studio Session Irina-019fb

Studio Session Irina-129



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