Day 12 – Project “52 people”

If you’re wondering why this post starts in English… Well, the interview was conducted in English, so why not leave it like that?

Also, if you’re wondering (not likely) why there is no number 11, I have to say that it has been reserved for someone who particularly said she wanted to be number 11 (or 23, but I can’t wait until then :P ). I’ll come back to it, preferably this week if I manage to actually meet with the girl.

So this number 12 is dedicated to my cousin. It might be the most difficult interview to write up until now, because it was taken almost a week ago and I can’t promise I will remember everything, in the right order and stuff. But I will try. I have to say it started in the airport and it finished on the plane to London, so I guess I can correlate these events to help me remember what was said.

Chris wanted to be a pilot. If he had succeeded, the following interview would probably have taken place in who knows what country of the world. However, he went in a totally different direction, and he now studies Management in English. He wants to become a marketing person one day. I hope he makes it to Nikon.

He is also into photography. Portraits, landscapes, long exposures. In London, I particularly had a sample of the latter addiction, while trying to fight cold. “I guess it all started when it got digital. I wanted to take photos and I couldn’t use my dad’s film camera, so I bought a Nikon. Soon, I realized I was taking the same ordinary photos as everyone else. And I decided not to anymore.” That’s when the tutorials kicked in. And the online community at Nikonpoint. “They’ve been very helpful.” I wish we had that kind of community here as well. I can hardly imagine Nikonisti and Comunitate Foto at the same level with the Germans, so we need to work on that.

I asked him about his top 3 countries. “First is definitely Ireland. Romania comes third, out of politeness (laughs).” He doesn’t know what to put in second. “I went to all kinds of places, but I wouldn’t put them in a top 3.” He would like to live in Switzerland and visit Iceland, if I remember correctly.

The tricky question for him was if he had any role models. He pondered a bit and I told him he may relate to photography or anything that he enjoys, really. He mentioned Chase Jarvis as a great photographer. I am pretty sure he said something about the old actors in movies, like Sean Connery, because of their attitude and looks.

Once on the plane, I asked him if he had any regrets that he particularly remembers throughout life. “I would have chosen a different doctor when I first had the symptoms of my illness. He didn’t put a correct diagnosis in the beginning. I would also have studied more for a bigger scholarship than the one I have now.”

The 30 second speech to the entire world? “I’d tell them about global warming.”

I definitely forgot something, because it seems too short to me. I will edit this post if he reminds me of what else was said or if what I remember is not correct.



2 thoughts on “Day 12 – Project “52 people”

    1. Hmm… well, I had an umbrella like 45 degrees to the side, with a SB700 set probably at around 1/8 of a second, my camera was at 1/200, f/2.8, iso 100. I had a 50mm lens.

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