3rd shoot – thoughts

I remembered I “owed” you guys and girls something. The March photoshoot.

The star was my cousin. He came all the way from Germany to get head shots taken by me…. Just kidding! But anyway, I’m pretty satisfied with what I got… and haven’t got. Let me explain.

My room was transformed in the usual black-backdrop-one-umbrella type of setup and stayed like that for three days. Don’t ask how we managed, we just didn’t have a carpet anymore and I didn’t have access to a part of my wardrobe and my bookcase. But who needs clothes and books anyway, right? There were the photos of my cousin at stake!

On the first day I took some shots of him with a beard. Small beard, don’t think otherwise. I used the flash in the umbrella, but no connection to the computer this time. I had to check the focus on my small screen and what do you know? My camera was acting all wrong and the eyes weren’t in focus. So I took a 50 mm from my cousin, shot with that one with autofocus tuned in camera and tried to get everything right.

We gave up my camera on the second day. It was my turn to pose, but nothing came out right. I was smiling too much and couldn’t get into the mood for shooting. On the third day, he shaved and I took some more photos with my camera this time as well and also with natural light mostly. I love my window, my room, the sun coming through and lighting everything just right!


– aunt says cousin might be an Italian

– friend asks “When did he get so handsome?”

– cousin says “You did well”

– London host believes he’s a model

So yeah. The only regret is not giving him some awesome shots of me to be proud of.

See more photos here.

DSC_1261 copy

DSC_1280 copy


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