Roc blew the roof off @ MNAC

I have to remind myself constantly that I haven’t forgotten how to blog. With all the interviews and the breaks in-between, I think I forgot how to share personal experiences, which is in fact the purpose of a blog. If you add to that the fact that I am more and more reluctant to share stuff on Fb out of pure no-reason-whatsoever restraint, then what better motive than to crowd this place more? So here goes nothing. I am blogging.

I am blogging today about an event I took part in on Saturday. Rocambolesque was the host, or to be more exact, Oana Bacanu, a friend of mine. Roc was born as a swapping medium: objects you didn’t use anymore, books you didn’t read anymore and clothes you didn’t wear anymore. Now, Roc has become a medium for not only swapping tangible stuff, but also people. “How goes that?” you might ask in a Shakespeare tone. It goes by a series of events where people share their knowledge with us, the less experienced ones. This weekend was about limiting ourselves. How not to do that at work and in our personal lives. I admit I didn’t hear the first part of the talk, because I was too busy with either a muffin and a lemonade or just staying in the shade (30 degrees on the roof, mind you!). But I did catch that part where we were asked to write down 25 of our desires and estimate the time frame in which we would expect them to come true. I’d take a picture of my list for you, but they’re either too stupid to show or you already read them in a previous post.

We were also entertained by three girls singing some beautiful songs. Live. And I think we even forgot about the temperature outside. Check out Rocambolesque here and here.

DSC_1859 copy








DSC_1890 copy



2 thoughts on “Roc blew the roof off @ MNAC

  1. au uitat romanii sa vorbeasca romana. sau mai bine zis, acum e ‘cool’ sa nu vorbesti romana. give me a break.

    1. Blogul e citit si de oameni de alte nationalitati. Nu stiu ce e “cool” sau nu, stiu doar ce se intampla la mine pe blog. Limba folosita in exprimare e alegerea fiecaruia. Si “give me a break” nu e tot engleza?

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