The people I see and other things

These words are inspired by an article I read online, about the classification of people in Bucharest who take the subway each day. Since I’ve started joining the morning rush hour, I’ve been noticing peculiarities and classifications for myself.

In the subway, there’s a clear division of people in usually two categories of everything.
First, there’s the Kindle vs.paper category. They’re the most quiet bunch and read all the way through their journey, even while walking or commuting. I enjoy reading in the subway because, unlike in the case of others, it doesn’t make me dizzy and I can concentrate as long as people aren’t talking too loud. So I like to sit next to other readers like me, either Kindlers or otherwise. Yesterday I sat next to a guy who was reading Dostoyevsky on paper. I liked the way his book looked. Today, I passed by many Kindlers, and I felt weird with my headphones on. I can’t really say who wins here, cause they’re both quite present. People haven’t forgotten how to read. :)
Second, come the iPhone vs. Samsung users. I’m not sure about the winner here either. There’s simply no way to tell, with the current technology pace. They scroll (Fb), swipe (answer or reject), type (sms, whatsaspp, chat), play games, talk or simply browse the internet. I wish these people turned to Kindlers or read a paperbook from time to time.
Third, there’s the small vs.big headphones category. Definitely, more people wear the smaller and more discrete version and whenever I see someone with the extra large version I imagine he or she is secretly practicing to become a DJ or whatever. I remembered this guy in the London tube who was actually moving his hands and upper body in the rhythm of the music. We’re still far off, I’m afraid.

So much for the subway.

There’s a lady selling lavender at the subway exit.

There’s a flower shop right at the bus station.

The bus is not so full in the morning as one would expect. I actually sit down for 5 full stops.

There’s a carwash next to our offices.

Our offices are in a pink building.

The dog greets me every morning.


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