To be “forbidden” in the morning:

– the corporate look.

– dark-colored clothes. Wear a blue shirt with an orange skirt or trousers. Trust me, they’re complementary colors and you’ll bring joy to everybody’s retina. Or at least to those who care or those who look at people on the street.

– honking. I’m almost asleep, so why wake me up again with a car honk?

– poppy seeded pretzels instead of sesame ones. Just because you ran out of sesame ones, why do you assume I’d like a poppy one instead? Don’t assume, ask.

– those types of schedules like “Monday-Wednesday 11-15, Thursday 8-11” when you have work at 9 and it’s Monday. And you’re reading the schedule on their door.

– rain.

– newspapers. And other free stuff they give you. You have two hands: one for your bag, one for your book. Not for leaflets or free newspapers.

– wind.

– meeting someone you know. The mood for chit-chat is close to zero. I can’t lie so early in the morning either, so I might shower you with uncensored honesty.

– running after public transportation. It should get you there on time. If not, then it’s your fault, you should have woken up earlier.

– coffee folk. Cause I don’t drink it and I’m tired of hearing how I should, if I want to stay awake.

– big backpacks. You take up space for two, practically speaking.

– important decisions. You might regret them later.





2 thoughts on “To be “forbidden” in the morning:

  1. coffee… i used to think the same abt it. Now i drink it not bc i need it or “keeps me awake”…but because i can delay starting to work while sipping it and reading the news :D

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