I haven’t done a daily prompt in a while. And this one I like a lot.

Being a girl, I sometimes got that weird stare from people when they found out I like watching football. And tennis. And ice-skating. And gymnastics. And a bit of Formula 1, back in the days. Oddly enough, I don’t watch volleyball a lot, even though I like playing it. Must be an inverse relationship here, I guess.

Just to keep it short, football for me means Rapid Bucuresti, Real Madrid, Liverpool FC, World Cups, European Championships, Qualifiers, Champions League and what used to be the UEFA Cup (it now has this weird name…something with Europa League..?). Lately, I’ve started to be more selective about football and mostly watch whatever I’m really interested in at a certain moment in time.

Tennis is all about the Grand Slams and an occasional small tournament if I’m in the mood for it and somebody I like is playing (like Nole, Nadal, Murray, not Federer; or Sharapova).

Ice-skating used to be higher on my priorities list, but in the past years I haven’t kept track of the new generation at all. It’s a wonder I still get to see the older skaters out there, if only from time to time. So don’t ask me about favorites.

Gymnastics is one of the few things I enjoy watching with my folks. It’s like we made a connection a couple of years ago, and whenever we watch it we’re like screaming and jumping and keeping our fingers crossed for Romanian athletes. If our country hadn’t been so good, I don’t think we would have been so into it.

I have stopped watching Formula 1, even though deep inside I still root for Hamilton.

Oh, how could I forget about handball? Maybe because it’s such a special case, along with football. The only two sports I try to attend live. I still remember this match with Macedonia where the whole Romanian crowd started cheering for the others instead, because they were so poor at it. Amazing. How sports bring people together.

Mum still doesn’t get my passion for men chasing a ball on the field. Dad smiles cause I’m watching it with him and it’s his gene that’s dominant.


Happy Thursday!

Never let fear 22 x 18



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