Home with bed and bookcase

You win a contest to build your dream home. Draft the plans.

“Home is where your heart is.”

Probably the organizers of the contest would raise an eyebrow, look at each other in a she-s-crazy-right? fashion and throw a false smile back at me, at the same time talking about numbers and deadlines.

The thing is… I don’t have the image of a dream home yet. Yes, I would like a house instead of an apartment, but if the apartment is really cozy and nicely decorated and suits my personal resting and family time, it’s fine with me. I sometimes think how it would be to live in the Cullens’ house from Twilight… I know the house exists somewhere…

One thing I would love to have is a baldaquin bed. And a huge bookcase. As for the rest… should be enough to warm my heart when I come home.


P.s. This is my 300th post on this blog. I must say, it’s growing on me, my blog. But I’m not giving any free drinks today.

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