Peles Castle, Sinaia, Romania

When dad told me he and mum went to visit the castle, I was like “it’s not worth it, I’ve seen it when I was little”. And they were like “forget Versailles”.

Of course, to say such a thing without actually experiencing a visit would have sounded like an overstatement. After my visit, I’m not so sure about Versailles either. I mean, yeah, there’s the grandeur and all that gold and huge space, but there’s something about Peles that leaves you thinking that it’s simply situated in the wrong country.


  • 160 rooms
  • interior elevator which is still working
  • a music/cinema room plus a concert room where, from time to time, concerts are held for the general audience, based on prior reservation
  • a 10 000 books library, with a secret passage
  • the Queen used to sing with George Enescu at the double pipe organ in the music room
  • there are rooms which are decorated in other styles, like Oriental or French
  • the fireplaces and stoves are just decorations (some are beautiful pieces of art)
  • took a portrait in the biggest mirror in the castle
  • there is a small marble sculpture of the Queen sewing, a replica of the bigger stone version situated in the garden
  • there’s this sword in the armory, with the sheath made from shark skin

For 50 lei (around 11-12 euro) you get to see the below. Pictures taken with iPhone 5 and Nikon D7000 + 35mm f/1.8 (photo fee another 30 lei).

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