Day 17 – Project “52 people”

Update: vocea Madalinei in raspunsurile la cateva intrebari, mai jos.

Nu e interviu, de data asta. Poate mai tarziu o sa primesc si raspunsurile la cateva intrebari pe care i le-am trimis in scris.

E cum o vad eu pe Mada. Si poate de asta e atat de greu sa scriu randurile astea. Ii place fotografia. Ii plac frunzele si norii si cerul. E o persoana foarte prietenoasa, sincera. Cred ca tacerea care o cuprinde cateodata ascunde multe. E un copil plin de iubire. Cauta alt copil caruia sa-i dea toata iubirea.

“Cand eram mica, nu aveam nici o viziune pentru viitorul meu. Daca toti copii visau sa fie ceva, eu nu imi amintesc ce vroiam sa ma fac… doar imi amintesc de pe la 15 ani, ca imi placea foarte mult sa desenez, sa creez… fie la pc sau pe o bucata de hartie. Si acum vreau sa fiu Graphic Designer si fotograf. Vreau sa le combin pe astea doua… si poate, poate am sa studiez si Interior Design.”

Cea mai mare calitate si cel mai mare defect? “Imi trebuie mult timp sa analizez lucrurile. (Gandesc prea mult) Pun totul la inima -nu stiu daca e mai mult defect sau calitate – imi pasa atat de mult de ceilalti incat vreau sa ii impac pe toti, si toti sa fie bine.”

Care ar fi lucrul pe care nu ai putea sa-l ierti cuiva? “La noi, sa iubim si sa iertam a fost principiu de baza in casa. Pentru ca toti gresim…si am fost invatati sa ii valoram pe toti la fel, indiferent de greseli. Nu am fost pusa in situatia in care sa nu aiba loc iertarea… nu stiu daca ar fi ceva ce sa nu pot ierta.”


This is not an interview. Maybe later I’ll receive the answers to the questions I sent her afterwards.

It’s the way I see Madalina. Maybe that’s why writing these lines is so hard. She likes photography. She loves autumn leaves, the sky and the clouds. She’s friendly and honest. I believe that her silence sometimes hides so many things. She’s a child full of love. She’s looking for another child to give all her love to.

“When I was little, I had no vision of how my future could look like. If all the children were dreaming of what they wanted to become when they grew up, I don’t remember dreaming of anything… I just remember being in my teens and drawing, creating…either on a PC or on a piece of paper. Now I want to be a graphic designer and a photographer. I want to combine these two… and maybe, maybe study Interior Design as well.”

Her greatest quality and greatest flaw? “I take my time analyzing things. (I overthink). I take everything to heart – I don’t know if it’s more of a quality or a flaw – I care too much about others that I want to make everyone happy, and everyone to be okay.”

What would be a thing that you couldn’t forgive a person? “For us [our family], love and forgiveness were the main principles of the house. Because we all make mistakes…and we were taught to value each person the same, no matter the mistakes one or the other has made. I wasn’t ever in the situation where I couldn’t forgive someone something. I don’t know if there is something I couldn’t forgive.”


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