I had in mind to write such a cool story for these photos.

Dad told me that when I was little, I was fascinated by my aunt using the sewing machine at my grandma’s place. I used to sit there and listen to its sound. Now, the modern machine doesn’t sound the same to me.

DSC_4028 copy DSC_4029 copy DSC_4030 copy DSC_4033 copy DSC_4035 copy DSC_4036 copy DSC_4044 copy DSC_4046 copy DSC_4047 copy DSC_4050 copy DSC_4053 copy DSC_4054 copy DSC_4057 copy DSC_4058 copy DSC_4059 copy DSC_4061 copy DSC_4062 copy DSC_4063 copy DSC_4069 copy DSC_4071 copy DSC_4072 copy DSC_4073 copy DSC_4077 copy DSC_4079 copy DSC_4080 copy DSC_4084 copy DSC_4085 copy DSC_4086 copy

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