Pumpkin pie

This recipe isn’t using pumpkin puree or a pie plate.

Amazing how different pumpkin pie recipes can be. I searched a lot on Pinterest beforehand, but decided to keep one of my mum’s recipes for apple/cheese pie and simply substitute the main ingredient.

The filling

Put 1 kg of freshly grated DSC_4141 copypumpkin + a little butter + around 130 g brown sugar to cook in a pan. I didn’t put any water, the pumpkin will turn juicy at some point. I also put cinnamon, to give it some flavor. Set aside when the pumpkin turns brown-ish. 

The dough

In one bowl, mix 2 egg yolks with sugar (the original recipe says 1 cup, but I’ve put less, cause the pumpkin tasted sweet enough already). Then add one and a half cups of water, half of cup of oil and flour. Regarding the quantity of flour: just pour enough to make it thinner than the dough for sponge cake (that’s “pandispan” in Romanian).

DSC_4145 copy

In another bowl, mix the 2 egg whites until firm. Add baking powder and then incorporate in the mixture from above.





Grease a medium tray with some butter and pour some flour to prevent sticking. 

DSC_4147 copyPut half of the dough and on top of it all the pumpkin. Pour the remaining dough over the pumpkin. You can even split the dough 2/3 on the bottom and 1/3 on top of the pumpkin. 



DSC_4148 copy


I left it in the oven at 180 degrees Celcius, for about 45 min. I should have left it even more. Mum said it might have been better to bake at a higher temperature for the first 10 minutes and lower it afterwards. Depends on the oven, I guess. I tend to believe mine is pretty “soft”.

It serves 12 pieces. Happy cooking!

DSC_4153 copy


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