A little thought on a big shoot

If any of you girls reading this is a ballerina (pro, to-be or just passionate about ballet) living in Bucharest, let me know and maybe we’ll do a shoot soon. 

Not many of you know that I like to play with video. Once or twice a year, but I do. There’s the flow that you can’t get with photography, also the sound and more importantly… feelings. I wish I was better at it. Better, and to be able to link to a video made by me, instead of embedding a video from one of my favorite photographers.

Her name is Sue Bryce. She did this video to showcase one of her shoots back in May. In NYC. I came about this this morning, don’t know why, probably it was one of those click-link-click moments, when you end up watching something totally different than when you started clicking around links. In this case, I was looking at another of Sue’s videos on Vimeo.

Amazing editing and sound. I wish I knew how to do that. You can find the finished photos here, on her blog. It inspired me to try it on my own. So feel free to answer my call for models, that I wrote at the beginning of this post.

I am reminded a bit of my flour photography attempt. How I dreamed it would happen and how, amazingly, it did. Enjoy the video and remember to turn speakers on. And if it doesn’t make your skin prickle, well…

Ballet Portrait in Motion by Sue Bryce on Vimeo


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