20131102-122429.jpgIt’s been a year. At the start of November last year, I began to work out. I won’t bore you with before and after pictures. You’ll find plenty of those once I tell you which programs I followed. Even if the results vary from person to person, the feeling is the same. You feel stronger and more fit. I am not saying I enjoyed every minute of it. I’m still not a fan of doing sports. But I recommend it nevertheless. For your own good.

I believe I started with Jillian Michaels’ Six Week Six Pack workout. There are 3 levels as far as I remember. You grow bored of it after a couple of days and you can’t imagine how she does it and makes it seem like she doesn’t put any effort in it. And you’ll start memorizing whatever she says, day after day, The downside of workout videos, I presume.

Then I moved on to the 30 day shred, also by Jillian. Might as well go through the whole lot, right? I remember alternating it with an extreme abs workout from Mike Chang. I was challenged by everything, even by my own family. Probably the worst one could hear is “But you don’t need to lose weight. You’re not fat.” Is it all about being fat? Or about staying fit? Healthy?

I dropped the sodas (didn’t drink much anyway, except Pepsi and Fanta from time to time), dropped the juices (nobody can squeeze an orange into a box and leave it on the shelf just like that), dropped the junk food (yeah, old golden M; didn’t stop eating pizza, though), started to drink more water, go easy on the sweets (today, I can say in 98% of days I don’t eat sweets after 15:00) and more healthy food in general (butter instead of margarine, less of that processed meat, more vegetables, salads, lots of cheese, less bread in the evening).

I also go to the gym. Don’t have a very specific schedule for this one. But I run, pedal or lift weights.

Recently, I’ve been doing Jillian’s Killer abs workout, also made of 3 levels. It’s the most challenging of all programs until now. Even though it might sound like it’s all designed to work on abs, it also targets your back and tush. Also your arms (those planks and ab pulls really are a pain!) and chest and shoulders. I’d say your quads as well, so you have the whole body trained all in all.

I’ve surprised myself with this. As much as I don’t like to work out, I’m still doing it. I won’t talk about reasons here. Each with his or her motivation I guess. You just need to find yours.

Oh, and if you make a mistake (for instance, in 2% of the days, I allow myself to eat the sweet stuff after 15:00, that I cooked myself), don’t worry. You are your own judge and you’ll forgive yourself, move on and keep training.



2 thoughts on “Balance

  1. It sound like you have been working hard! I wish I could find more motivation – in summer it’s ok, but in winter I just want to stay warm inside and curl up under a blanket!

    1. I know the feeling. But during winter you can work out at home ;) and believe me, it feels great afterwards! Motivation? For me, it was a bet. I lost it, in the end, but hey, kept me going, right?

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