Open the door and travel

Yesterday, I came across this video.

Whoever made it seems pretty smart to me. Reminded me of Alice in Wonderland a bit.

What if we could open a door and instantly pass through space and land in another country? Wouldn’t it be awesome?

Last week, I was surprised to see the use of technology in a very cool ad for British Airways. The Magic of Flying it is called. So far, only two billboards have this implemented, both in the UK. Wouldn’t it be great to have these everywhere? I often find myself looking at the sky, seeing an airplane and wishing I was going somewhere too.

It’s encouraging to see all these travel hints, especially since I have less than two weeks before a journey to visit my cousin in Germany. I even put a milestone widget on the right side. 14 days left, sharp! Looks nice and I’ll try to update it with different events coming up (not a very eventful part of year, but I’ll do my best).

A friend of mine even sent me this cool photography course, which could involve traveling and making money. I enjoy traveling, but don’t consider myself a good digital storyteller of places. So I was thinking of trying to document my journey better this time, see how it goes.

Oh, and I’ll try to post once a week from now on. Just interesting stuff that can be shared. But I’m doing Oreos today, so expect that recipe soon.

Happy traveling!


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