Oreo biscuit

You know you can apply the logic of “it’s what’s inside that matters” to cooking as well? I have twice succeeded in baking something not excessively “handsome” but labeled as “delicious” or “tasty” by my mum? And I doubt she’s being subjective. She tells me when I don’t do well too.

I was so frustrated on the dough for these biscuits that I thought it was all going to the rubbish when it came out of the oven. But turns out they were good enough and sweet enough, due to the white cream, which is basically butter mixed with sugar. Oh, and some vanilla essence, which has started to grow on me (any essence, really…).

The recipe I followed is here. I haven’t made a calculus if it’s cheaper to do them yourself or just buy the originals on the market. What I do know I have used whole flour instead of the normal one (that’s the only flour I had, and decided it’s healthier anyway; but you can use whichever you like/have/find), less cocoa (50 g instead of 80 g) and I didn’t weigh the butter (maybe that’s why the dough was so greasy…). For once, I respected the oven time of 10 minutes. And trust me, they’re fine after 10 minutes. Leave the biscuits to cool down, otherwise the cream will melt a bit (it normally is a bit tight when you prepare it). Leaving them in the fridge is a must. I recommend overnight, especially since I have been trying to educate myself and my parents not to eat sweets in the evening.

Happy cooking!



2 thoughts on “Oreo biscuit

  1. Oh more delicious goodies! I think homemade are always best :) Have you ever tried Oreo Pie? I’ll have to try and find the recipe…one of the best desserts I have ever tasted!

    1. Yeah, I’ve been trying to bake my own sweets and avoid the ones on the market. I haven’t tried Oreo Pie, but must taste great! Let me know if you find the recipe.

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