Bits about Ro

Since tomorrow is our National Day, I thought I should share with you some bits and pieces I found online and which make reference to our country. And they’re not about Hagi, Nadia Comaneci or Dracula.

First, I must excuse myself to the British reading this. The following is a campaign in response to your “Don’t come to Britain!” one. But ours is funnier. And it actually encourages you to come visit, Brit or no Brit. So why don’t you come over? Scroll down their website to see more ads like this one:


Remaining on the creative side of things, check out these posters made by a Romanian graphic designer who sees the positive in the “negative”, creating a pretty fair picture of our country. I don’t encourage the girlfriend part, so maybe that’s a reason not to come.

If you’re still wondering whether you should fly to the capital or not, make sure you watch this video and don’t get on the wrong plane.

Even though there were other famous people before you who made the same mistake, better to be safe than sorry (sorry, Athletic Bilbao fans! if only you had this video at that time to explain things, right? :-j ).

And speaking of planes, apparently our airport gets too crowded at times. Read this turist’s account of his visit to the capital.

About the bad stuff… well… why don’t you come and we’ll talk it over a cup of tea and some cozonac?

2 thoughts on “Bits about Ro

  1. We don’t all feel that way – but there’s always a few aren’t there?! …. and you’re right, your campaign is much funnier :)
    I loved Romania and definitely intend re-visiting – fortunately, as I travel by motorbike I don’t need to worry about airports :)

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