I’m back with tea :)

Edit: I have a lot of catching up to do with reading your blogs, so I’ll do my best :D

So I’m back from my trip to Germany. I have removed the milestone widget from the right and put some holiday photos instead, to cheer this blog a bit. I’ve also decorated my room for Christmas (I saw all these cute stuff abroad and couldn’t help not getting all Christmas-y as well) and maybe I’ll take some macro shots and post them here.

We won’t have a tree this year, only two smaller ones made from plastic. But once you put some discrete lights in them, they’re pretty neat. One thing I loved about the Germans: they don’t use multicolored or blinking lights, just static white/gold ones. I wish we adopted that style too. I think it will make a huge difference. No need to be all flashy during this time of year.

I have also managed the feat to shoot in a beautiful locationĀ on two consecutive days. It’s been a while and is not too far from my record of three consecutive days of photographing. But this time, nature was at its best and coldest. The light was incredible at times and we also had some fog, nice patterns of wood and also forest-like scenery. I’ll tell you more about the location in a future post.

Looking forward to share the results with you. It’s been a while since I’ve had so many RAW files to deal with and no Lightroom to open them faster. I’ll have to deal with Bridge, since I don’t like to install Nikon’s software just now. I haven’t taken many photos of the cities I’ve been to, even though I said I’d try. Street/architecture/travel photography just isn’t for me, I suppose.

It’s back to tea and editing photos for now.

Happy decorating for Christmas!



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