5th shoot – thoughts

Location: Villa Hugel, Essen, Germany

When: 10 and 11 of December 2013

If during my 3rd shoot I had to transform my room for 3 days, now I had to resist the cold for two consecutive days and just shoot some cool photos of my cousin.

During our first day, we were visiting the villa with our parents and didn’t have much time on our hands because of that. In fact, many of the photos which made the final selection are from the second day. Yeah, my cousin paid the entrance fee twice just to pose for me in a beautiful location. That’s what I call commitment to the job. And I believe he did a lot of research on posing beforehand, since the photos look so commercial :D

So on our second day, we were there with bags and gloves and scarves and light and fog and cold and some photos just came together pretty nicely I should say. Even though there was but only one outfit.

Due to the re-sizing, I’ll only post one photo here (his absolute favorite) and the rest you can check out here. I used either my 35 mm or his 50 mm lens. Enjoy!



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