What I follow [part 2]

If you use fb as a means of browsing instead of sharing, you might want to check out these pages with interesting art of some sorts.

My Modern Metropolis – This is an awesome page with links about photography, design, painting and whatever type of art that is out there.

Humans of New York – Brandon takes portraits of people in NY and posts them along with a short story, interview, sentence or just thought. Occasionally, people are recognized and stories continued.

Fearless Photographers – Not spending as much time as I would want to on this page lately, but if you’re into wedding photography or just fancy a good inspirational source for wacky or interesting perspective photos, this is for you.

Tourism Ireland – I want to go back to Ireland one day. Also Spain, Turkey and the UK. In the meantime, I like to look at photos that remind me of the green fields of the Irish. It’s a lovely country, with most welcoming people and amazing scenery.

(Romanian only) Cu substrat – Read carefully. Each poster is meant to be a pun.

I have too many photography pages on my list and I won’t mention them here. I also monitor airlines, just to see the latest offers or interesting photos from places I’ve been.

Happy browsing!

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