What I follow [part 3]

Turkey, Ireland, Florida, NYC, Switzerland… 

I remember being all anxious when dad gave me his old phone because that meant that I could have instagram on it. Yeah, roll your eyes you might, but for me it’s a way to see the world when I can’t leave my apartment. Besides the international accounts I’m following, there are also friends I don’t see often and who, turns out, have some photographic skills I didn’t know of :P But I’m going to show you the people who live in countries where I’ve been or wish to see one day.

ceyhun – straight from Turkey, on to my little screen. For my daily dose of Oriental and to revisit places I’ve seen.

revolutionship – from Istanbul, but lately posts from France and US.

instaireland – the obvious. Lots of green. Countryside and Dublin alike.

nicolehunziker – For LOTS of shots of snow, peaks, Tomblerone Mountain and lakes. In one word: Switzerland.

islandwatersports – for the daily dose of Deerfield Beach sunrises. It also gives info on water levels for those who want to surf.

jr – the visual artist who now has an exhibition with the New York City Ballet. Many interesting projects, and among them the “Inside Out”.

sweatengine – pics and timelapses from NYC. Especially for the timelapses. Wish I could do one of those myself.

wisslaren – all the way from Sweden. Lakes and bridges. Sunsets, sunrises. Woods. Fog.

meetjulian – also from Sweden. Minimalistic snow, bridges, bikes, houses, nature.

natgeo – the official from The National Geographic Magazine, with previews from future articles. For the culture and insight.

And last but not least, josevilla. For the weddings and inspiration. Clean, simple. Film.

Happy ‘gramming!


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