Introducing portfolios

Weather has been not so great these past days. Nothing to do but stay indoors, drink tea and dream about projects.

I like to create websites from zero. This I found out the hard way. Not by working on this blog, but by writing content for three websites related to the company I work for. They’re not a huge deal in terms of web design, because they have a WordPress platform and you basically work your way from there. The thing I like is customization. 

WordPress just launched this new feature called portfolios, through which any blog can now turn into an artistic display of works such as photos, videos or design projects. 

I thought I should give it a try and make this blog look cleaner at the same time, without too much navigation and more straightforward-ness. Under the “portfolio” menu, you will see listed anything that looks like a photographic project. Go there to see weddings, shoots and the not-finished 52 people project. The 366 project is too big to start loading it again, so I left it in the menu. I haven’t finished putting all the projects in there and I don’t really know if I’m going to. Maybe I’ll just post the more important ones and leave the rest simply as blog posts.

The left sidebar is also cleaner now, with less text. I also changed the color scheme to a lighter one and removed the “Once upon a time” front page. I’ll leave this post as sticky for a while on the front page, so that readers will not get confused (if any). 

Happy Saturday!




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