Cheese pie

Sweet cheese pie

I remember when I first started baking pies or muffins, I was so afraid of doing things wrong and I kept asking mum about stuff in the kitchen, about the ingredients and the order in which everything goes in. That’s how it is, in the beginning… I think I might have annoyed mum a lot during that time. And I’ve heard stories about her enjoying making desserts too and now that I’ve “taken over”, everything seems inherited.

Listen. I no longer ask her things. Moreover, she comes by herself and offers to help me if needed. I’ve taken the plunge, so to speak. I get it that the eggs help rise a dough when there’s no baking powder in it. I get it that butter brings the dough together. I get it that cold (even iced) water helps the dough. I get it that you need to put a pinch of salt in everything.

I forgot to do the last one yesterday. Oops. Anyway, moving on. So… I even thought some mixing of recipes is good sometimes. Or adapting. You don’t need to use everything in a recipe. You can change ingredients. You can add stuff that wasn’t there originally. But you have to do it with a purpose, not just for the fun of it. Sometimes, that purpose that you see might not be a correct one and things might not turn the way you wanted to. But no biggie, there will always be another pie or another cake. People understand.

So yesterday I had a thought of using some of the remaining sweet cheese from the Easter cake. I pushed aside the thought of buying some pastry dough and I was kind of missing my ceramic pie form, so the choice was obvious. I had some chocolate flakes left from I don’t know when. I found a recipe in this baking book I bought from the antique’s at the incredible price of 10 lei. That one was with ricotta cheese, but I replaced it with sweet cheese.

Sweet cheese pie with sultanas and chocolate flakes

  • Difficulty: low
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250 g of wholewheat flour

115 g of butter

some cocoa (I only had about a tablespoon left, but the recipe said 4)

4 tablespoons brown sugar

cold water to bring everything together


around 500 g of sweet cheese

100 g of sultanas (sultanines?)

2 egg yolks

115 g brown sugar

some lemon flavor (or lemon rind if you have lemons in the house, unlike some…)

some chocolate flakes (or 6 tablespoons of dark chocolate chips if you have them)


Leave the dough 30 minutes to cool in the fridge before spreading it in a 24 cm pie form (mine must have been bigger, cause it seemed to be not enough dough for it), keeping 1/4 of it for on top of filling. The recipe said to bake 15 min at 200 C, and then a further 30-35 min at 180 C. I left it longer than that. It should be done when it’s golden on top.

I should have said difficulty was medium, cause for me the dough was hard to spread and had a rough time with it.

Happy cooking!

2 thoughts on “Cheese pie

  1. I think I should experiment more with baking. I often learn the hard way by getting it wrong at first! I like the look of this recipe :)

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