Happy spring!

Hope the weather where you are is beautiful enough to go out and enjoy some sun and warmth.

Here, it’s pretty cloudy and spring turns out to be rather chilly.

Back home, two days ago, it snowed.

I went for a walk a week ago, just to Greenwich and back. Took the camera with me again, after one week previously I didn’t even take it out of the bag. It was a sunny weekend overall and I’m glad that I could take some photos this time.

I like the Greenwich area, because even though it’s touristy and crowded, it has kept its charm somehow. Green areas, lots of open space, the Thames, the museums. Not to mention it’s geometrically eye-pleasing.

The lady in the featured image was an immediate choice for a selective color photo. Her stockings and bag straps were of a such bright color, it contrasts nicely with a black and white version. Some of the other photos are below.

Have a good week and a peaceful Easter if you’re celebrating on Sunday!

Photos taken with Nikon D7000 and the Nikkor 50mm (I need to shoot some portraits…sigh).












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