What do you really want? / 1

I watched this free webinar on Wedding Photography last week and surprisingly enough (because of the fact that she doesn’t shoot weddings, not that anyone questions her talent), Sue Bryce was invited to give an hour of inspiration. Her theme was ‘Glam the Dress’ and she started by asking this simple question in order to get started with your photography: What do you want? What do you really want? Write it down on a piece of paper. ‘Do not give me the reasons why it won’t work, think about what you can do to make it work.’ She’s inspiring, that woman. I wish I could do what she does.

So I started to remember all the good times I got from photography over the years, instead of thinking why I can’t do it anymore. I started reminiscing the process of some of my shoots, the effort, the thinking behind them, what drove me to do them and how it all turned just fine in the end. I’ll start remembering them here, just for the joy of writing and sharing. Many of them will feature the same people, the ones I felt more comfortable to shoot with.

This one was shot in Germany, at Villa Hugel, or to be more exact, in the estate surrounding the villa. There is this huge park where you can walk around, an almost forest if you wish. The first day we went there, we were accompanied by our parents and we visited the villa too, so there wasn’t much time to spend. So my cousin proposed coming back the next day and just take photos in the park. Mind you, it was so big, you had plenty of spots to choose from and it was pretty deserted too. Beginning of December, no wonder people would rather stay indoors! I don’t remember time flying by and that’s one of the characteristics of doing what you like. You get so lost in what you are doing, that you forget you need food, sleep, anything. And when it’s over, you can’t wait to go back home just to see the results on a bigger screen and start working on the photos! At least, that’s what I feel like and that’s never going to change.

In no particular order, here are some stills.






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