Hello, everyone! Hope you had a nice time over the holidays and that you haven’t gained too much weight!

This is the final set of the 365 project. A few words of advice if you started this kind of project or you are planning to do so in the future:

  • Don’t do it.
  • If you already started, then be prepared for a difficult project. Better start with a 52 photographic challenge than go for the whole 365.¬†
  • It will help you know your camera.
  • It will break some limits. You will need to take a photo a day. You will have that inner voice in your head bugging you to not forget about it. If you take photos¬†occasionally, then you’ll get out of your comfort zone pretty quick.
  • You’ll have good moments and bad moments. You won’t get out of the house a day or two or you’re stuck in “no-inspiration” land. No problem. Find something else to shoot. Look harder. The good moments are when you particularly plan for a photoshoot and you’ll know you’ll have at least one picture that day.
  • Look at what others do. Especially WordPress blogs, flickr users and such. They might have a themed project or you might be inspired by what they photograph.
  • Get involved. Make sure you don’t get lazy on your way. If you think your photos aren’t the best, try harder.
  • Some people might tell you your pictures are not good, that you photograph only sunsets, clouds, your cat, your dog, yourself, your coffee cup or your feet. Take note of their feedback, but in the end it’s your project. You shoot whatever you like.


I probably forgot things, but that’s okay, you get the gist of it. Feel free to add your own advice if you wish.

Pablo has been a constant follower and I thank him very much. His 365 project ran almost in parallel with mine, so go check him out here. Also, to my readers in Romania, Germany, Japan, Greece, India, France and other countries: I thank you for dropping by, following or just looking around, commenting or not. Hope you’ll return or at least stick around with me a little bit more!

P.S. I have planned a 52 project for 2013. I will give you details in the first photo I’m going to post on that subject.

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Since this is my last post in 2012, I wanted to wish you guys a “Merry Christmas!” wherever you are in this world and no matter how you celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. And also best wishes for the New Year! I also wish that you guys discover who you really are and start doing things that you postponed or didn’t believe you could do until now. There is no better moment to say something, do something or write something.

My next post will be in the first week of January. I do not know exactly when, though… In fact, I have to write more posts, one to sum up the 365 project, one to write about 2012 and one to initiate the first photographic project of 2013.

Stay safe everybody!

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