It has been too long

It was on April 5 2015 that I wrote my last blog post. Facebook informs me my photography page fans haven’t seen a post in 405 days. It’s sad.

This morning, I woke up with the feeling that I want to write something, anything. That I want to photograph people, anyone. I was already dreaming of hanging up some white bed sheet on the wardrobe doors and putting my husband or my landlord in front of my camera. Even the window has adjustable light, thanks to some blinds. It’s been too long since I last did a photoshoot…

I arrived in London on June 3rd 2015, some 5 weeks or so after my boyfriend, now my husband. We got married in the only vacation that we had back home until now, in the middle of November. Somehow, we managed to organise a small event in two weeks. I still can’t believe that we did it. We had like a couple of days of honeymoon, and then we were back in London. It’s been too long since we’ve had a holiday…

I am now 10 weeks pregnant and scared of what’s to come. I wish it’s a girl, so that when she’s older, I get to dress her in  pretty outfits and go out on photoshoots together. But in the end, the only thing that matters is that he or she is healthy.

I missed playing around with my blog. I spent some time looking at themes and dreaming about which one would look good with photos I haven’t taken yet. It’s been too long since I last blogged.



Instants 18

Muffin making
Tiramisu for mum
Carturesti carusel
A visit to my grandparents' place
Chocolate chip cookies
Morning mist
Late snow
Family portrait
Peles Castle in Sinaia
Swedish cinnamon rolls
Graffiti on the street
Love above
Terrace view from Palatul Parlamentului

There is no time for love… or is it?

I have been thinking these days… how busy our lives are when we grow up. And how free we felt when we were young. Free to love people.

I look at people on the street, people with families, people with responsibilities, people who are ill. Do they have time to love somebody? I feel like they don’t. They think of the next diaper, the next salary, the next doctor. But how about showing affection, thinking deeply about another person?

Is it me or we become more selfish as we grow up?

Or is it precisely this lack of time that makes us appreciate even more the people who are standing next to us? Those who understand and are patient. Do we not love them silently, unconditionally, infinitely, just because we have only a small opening to do so?

A post about photos, grandparents and love

I would like to share with you some interesting links that I’ve come across this week. They kind of led me to an idea for a photo project. Yes, I still have those, even though I don’t put them into practice as often as I did. But I’m not going to mention anything this time; maybe the secret of it all will keep me going. :D

First off, a collection of famous photographers’ portraits with their most famous images. It was nice to see a face put to the person behind the lens. Surprisingly (or not), I think most of them are men. You can read the article over here, in case you missed it on social media.

If you were to pose with one of your best photos (according to you), which would you choose? I’d go for this one.


There are lots of portraits that I enjoyed taking, but somehow this manages to top them all. I think it’s the sharpness and sincerity of it that makes it my favorite. Even more cause it’s taken with my grandpa’s old Kiev. So, if someone ever does a project about me, ask me about this picture.

Talking about grandparents, a pair of mine celebrated 52 years of marriage at the beginning of this week. In light of this, I’m sharing with you this link over here. Very inspiring read. The problem with “most people in the first bloom of love” is that we believe all the wrong things about marriage. These people went through it and they know a thing or two about love.

Also, at the beginning of this week, my other grandma turned 79. She was married to grandpa for longer than my other grandparents. But somehow, I think I like her marriage more. Must be because of the man that my grandpa used to be. She must miss him greatly. The person she loved is no longer in this world.

Hope you have a peaceful Sunday, wherever you are and whoever you love and (not) have by your side.